freely inspired by The Measures Taken by Bertolt Brecht


concept and direction: Lorenzo Bazzocchi
with: Lorenzo Bazzocchi, Catia Gatelli, Giacomo Piermatti, Eleonora Sedioli, Matteo Ramon Arevalos
scene, sound, lights, physical computing: Lorenzo Bazzocchi
electronics: Matteo Gatti
technic: Gionni Gardini, Tommaso Maltoni, Stefano Cortesi
organizer: Raffaella Galizia, Marcella Montanari
organizing help and set-up: Elisa Enti
costumes and leathers: Mood indigo_Bologna
photographer: Enrico Fedrigoli
production: Masque teatro
co-production: Mood indigo_Bologna
financial support by: Emilia Romagna Region, Forlì-Cesena Province, Forlì Municipality
and: Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì


Masque teatro decides to start from” The measures taken” by Bertolt Brecht, one of the didactic plays of the famous German playwright and director, to dig into some main themes loved by the company from Forlì: the alienation, the diversity, the oppression. The theatre of Masque lives of isolated figures, who embody solidly some concepts. At the bottom of this new work, presented in the form of a first study, there is a “control  chorus” which represents the image of the spread power that judges continuously and, most of all, makes perceive his perpetual presence and that changes in a monolith in the show, a wall that cut all the scenic space, emerging as a constant and impending presence.

If this image is the start, Masque decides to enlarge the horizon, expanding the view and including a more wide perspective that accepts the thesis, supported by Brecht’s own view on, a number of occasions, that a totalitarian tension exists under the so-called  democratic-liberal societies. The  problem of the Decision  remains the irreconcilable opposition between the destiny of the single and the one of the community. Starting from these horizons, Masque acts a dramatic clear choice that associates to the condition of the mental patient who withdraws from the world (so he kills himself from life) recognizing his condition of an alienated person, the one of the young comrade who accepts to be killed  for the good of the revolutionary cause.  Two opposites poles that attract each other : individual and society, singleness and multiplicity.