Simon Vincenzi

Simon Vincenzi (director/designer) and Frank Bock (performer/choreographer) have worked together since 1995. Through a series of unique and uncompromising theatre/dance works they have explored the relationship between the language of movement and the mystery of the image. Their most recent project, invisible dances…. spanned seven years and manifested itself as a sound work for telephone, a billboard campaign, a publication, installations & films, and three dance theatre productions which were presented across Europe. One of these productions was commissioned by Romeo Castellucci and presented at the 37 International Theatre Festival as part of Venice Biennale 2005. Bock and Vincenzi have been nominated for the X1 Europe Prize New Theatrical Realities.

Simon Vincenzi has designed for new and experimental theatre, opera and film throughout Britain and mainland Europe. He has worked with Impact Theatre, English National Opera, Nottingham Playhouse, the ICA and the National Theatre. He conceived and directs the project Operation Infinity that includes The Crimes of Representation (2007), The Infinite Pleasures of the Great Unknown (2008), CLUB EXTINCTION (2009), The Ouroboros Recordings (2010) and LUXURIANT. Within The Reign of Anticipation (2010).