Concept, choreography, stage set: Dalija Acin

Performed by: Ana Ignjatovic , Dalija Acin

Dramaturg y : Saša Božic

Music: Rastko Lazic

Graphic design: Mihailo Ršumovic

The performance is supported by Belgrade City Council for Culture and Ministry of Culture of Republic Serbia, and it is realised in the Belgrade Drama Theatre

HANDLE WITH GREAT CARE , is a new full-fledged production by Belgrade choreographer, Dalija Acin. It is an unusall, suggestive and imaginative exploration of the phenomenon of memories: those images, objects and figures, which are fading away in the constant flux of reality.... In unnamed, unmesured space, made of reconstructed momories, imaginary acts/scenes, reproductions of lapses, the bodies are floating in between of what is shown and what stays forever unspoken...

By using the theatrical codes and redifining medium of dance in the same time , the perfromance is tending/gravitating towards unapierence, afirming the question: is it possible to go to the edges of spectacle, by minimalising its own means?

HANDLE WITH GREAT CARE is the 10th performance by Belgrade choreographer Dalija Acin, and it fitts with the wide projects of newfounded Belgrade organisation STATION-contemporary dance service, which is working on the continuos afirmation of Belgrade dance scene...The specifity of the project lies in its regional characther: one of the main collaborators is Sasa Bozic, young Zagreb based dance dramaturge...


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Dalija Acin

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